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Fatigue of Materials and Structures

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Mechanical and microstructural aspects of nucleation and growth of cracks under cyclic loading conditions, notch effects, cumulative damage, multiaxial loading and fatigue crack propagation

Topics outline:

  • Introduction
    • History of fatigue
    • Different approaches to fatigue analysis
  • Engineering Methods to Quantify Fatigue Damage
    • Stress-Life approach
    • Strain-Life approach
    • Damage-tolerant approach (i.e. fatigue crack growth using fracture mechanics)
    • Comparison of methods
  • Geometry and Loading Effects
    • Notches
    • Variable amplitude loading (incl. cycle counting and load sequence)
    • Multiaxial fatigue
  • Fatigue Mechanisms in Metal
    • Cyclic deformation in single and polycrystals
    • Fatigue crack initiation (incl. VHCF regime)
    • Fatigue crack growth (FCG) & FCG thresholds
  • Various Other Topics
    • Statistical considerations
    • Crack closure (incl variable amplitude loading in FCG)
    • Small fatigue cracks
    • contact fatigue: rolling and fretting
    • Corrosion-fatigue
    • High temperature fatigue (incl. creep-fatigue; thermomechanical fatigue

ME 7774 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: It's easy to fall in love with a topic through the easy problems. It is the hard ones that truly test your passion for it.

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