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Engineering Design

Here are links of PPT PowerPoint Presentations, pdf PDF documents and word Word documents.


Topics outline:

  • Understanding the Big Picture of Design
  • Product Design and Development Process
  • Conceptual Development and Functional Analysis
  • Axiomatic Design Theory and Methodology
  • Use Case UML
  • Product Platform & Product Family
  • Universal Design Usability
  • Requirement Engineering and Kano Analysis
  • IPPD
  • Modular Design DSM
  • Preference Demand Modeling
  • Design Project PLanning
  • Design Knowledge Modeling
  • Design Economics
  • Design Evaluation Optimization
  • Design Decision in Engineering
  • Course Project & Term Paper

ME 6101 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: Reach out for help when you need it. Plan early and visualize the path to success.

Course Materials