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System Dynamics

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This course will give you the opportunity to learn and apply the principles required to solve system dynamics problems. The topics addressed include dynamic modeling and simulation of systems with mechanical, hydraulic, thermal and/or electrical elements. Frequency response analysis, stability, and introductory feedback control design of dynamic systems will also be included.

(0) Introduction to System Dynamics

(1) The Laplace Transform

(2) Modeling of Mechanical Systems

(3) Transfer functions

(4) State-Space Approach

(5) Electrical Systems and Electromechanical Systems

(6) Frequency Domain Analysis

(7) Fluid and Thermal Systems

(8) Curve fitting and Linearlization

(9) Stability Analysis

(10) Introduction to Feedback Control Systems

ME 3017 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: Practice many problems and question variations of it and what could go wrong.

Course Materials