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Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

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1. Introduction to Particle Motion - Kinematics and Rectilinear Motion
2. Particle Motion - Cartesian Coordinates, Cylindrical Coordinates, and Normal Coordinates
3. Kinetics of Particles - Newton's Laws and Euler's Laws
4. Motion of Particles and Mass Centers of Bodies
5. Work Energy Principle for Particle/Systems of Particles;
6. Impulse and Momentum; Impact
7. Euler's 2nd Law - Moment of Momentum and Conservation of Moment of Momentum
8. Instantaneous Center of Zero Velocity
9. Planar Rigid Body Kinematics -
10. Planar Rigid Body Kinematics - Rolling Wheels, Velocities, accelerations, translation, moment of momentum/angular momentum, moment equation of motion, mass-center form, with 2 Different Reference Frames
11. Planar Rigid Body Kinetics - Moment of momentum/angular momentum, moment equation of motion, and mass-center form.
12. Planar Motion of Rigid Bodies; Work-Energy Methods: Kinetic Energy Term, Impulse Momentum, Conservation of Momentum and Center of Percussion.
13. 3D Kinematics - Angular Velocity Vector, Angular Acceleration and Velocity in moving frames, the earth as a moving frame, eulerian angles, rotation matrices, angular momentum in 3D, transformation of Inertia Properties, principal axes and principal moments of intertia, 3D rotational motion of a rigid body.

ME 2202 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: Avoid an overload of credit hours. One needs time to practice and study the problems carefully.

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