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United States Since 1877

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  • Factories, Immigrants and the New American City, 1877-1917
  • The Transformation of the South and the West, 1877-1917
  • Resisting Big Business: Populism, Unions and Late-19th-Century Protest
  • Money, Manhood, Religion and Race: American Imperialism at the Turn of the 20th Century

  • Progressive Reform
  • Murdering McKinley, Rauchway
  • A Brief But Transformative War: The American Experience of World War I at Home and Abroad

  • The Grueling Battle for Women’s Suffrage
  • A Contradictory Moment: America in the 1920s
  • The Great Depression and the New Deal
  • The Best War Ever: America and World War II, Michael Adams
  • From World War to Cold War
  • The “Affluent Society,” Its Shortcomings and Its Discontents

  • The Long Struggle for African-American Equality
  • In Search of the Great Society
  • Coming of Age in Mississippi, Ann Moody
  • The Vietnam War
  • The New Left, the Counterculture, and the New Right
  • Quagmires at Home and Abroad: America in the 1970s
  • Ronald Reagan and the Transformation of American Politics
  • A New Global Economy
  • Devil's Highway, Urrea
  • A New Global Politics
  • Contemporary America: Where We Are and How We Got Here

HIST 2112 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: Use audio recordings to relisten to lectures and take complete notes. A story is better understood when heared many times.

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