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1. Basic Circuit Components
Basic conventions: voltage, current, resistance: Ohm's law Power Source types: DC/AC; independent/dependent
2. Methods of Analysis
Kirchoff's voltage and current laws (KVL & KCL) Series and Parallel Circuits, Voltage and Current Division, Nodal analysis, Thevenin equivalent circuits.
3. Energy Storage Elements
Capacitors and inductors, Characteristic equations and time domain waveforms of their voltage and current, Primer in ODE's, Transient Responses of 1st-order linear circuits with DC inputs.
4. Sinusoidal Steady State
A review of complex numbers, Phasor representation, Complex Impedances, Voltage-current lead/lag relations for capacitors and inductors, Analysis of circuits with AC sources and complex impedances.
5. Filters, Bode plots, Resonance
Fourier Theory, Transfer function concepts, First order filter analysis, Decibels, Bode plot characterization of a filter, Low pass and high pass filter types, Resonant circuits, A review of linear systems.
6. Diodes
Load Line analysis, Concept of operating point of a device, Ideal Diodes and Rectifier circuits, Zener diodes and Voltage Regulators.
7. Transistors / Amplifiers
Metal oxide field effect transistor, transistor applications as an amplifier and a switch, Small signal equivalent circuit model, Analysis of transistor based amplifier circuits.
8. Transistors / Switching systems
Transistor as a switching element, Boolean algebra, CMOS inverter, Basic logic gates, Decision circuits, Synthesis of digital systems.
9. System Applications
Sensing and control, Requirements of electronic instrumentation, Engine control problem, Acquisition, fourier analysis and feedback.

ECE 3710 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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