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Early Video Production

Here are some of my videos produced during my High School years at CROEM in Puerto Rico. They are in backwards chronological order. Remember: practice makes perfect!

CROEM TV: "Tomas Cámaras"

This video covers the following camera angles: wideangle, telephoto, zoom in/out, paneo, tilting, birdes, over the shoulder, and head.

The cast are: Jennifer Guzman, Eddie Sein Acevedo, Rubén Irrizary, Francisco Galindez, Gabriel Villamizar Rodriguez, Esteban Aquino, Luis Gabriel.
Filmed and Edited by Aida Cortés.
Music: "Sonnenschein" by Heiko and Maiko.

CROEM TV: "Proyecciones Distinctas"

Expressed in photographs, this story is about a couple that tells each other about their future proyections after they marry.

The cast are: Anna Vélez, Iván Garcia, Nicole Torres, Bryan Sotomayor, Rosa López y Christian Cardona.

Special thanks to: Oscar Diaz, Alex Díaz, Yoel Cortés y George Garcia.

Photographed and edited by: Aida Cortés.

Link: Transcript PDF Format

DCKAS: A Complicated Song (Constipated Avril Lavigne Parody) Music Video, Spring 2007

In this project, the ninth grade group of the Ramirez de Arellano Bilingual School in Añasco Puerto Rico class of 2007, participated in a music video for the song from Wierd Al Yankovich "A Complicated Song". The main actors are the DCKAS group composed by Dollyann, Cynthia, Karimar, Aida and Sheylis. I hope you all enjoy the video.

A CorPeYo Production

Directed by, Designed by, Edited by and Filmed by Aida Yoguely

Costume Designer: Dollyann.

DCKAS: Memorias del Corrillo de 9-1, School Year 2006-2007

I filmed a memorial video before graduation for the ninth grade group of the Ramirez de Arellano Bilingual School in Añasco Puerto Rico. Begins with a couple of jokes, then moves on to the class chilling and singing "la bomba". The Dackass Boys goes on the Mission#787: Harrassing School Property. They climb fences, hop over rooftops. They enter the girls bathroom, where Kidanny asks for "a guy". Then we give a short tour of the plaza of Añasco. And finally we perform a dancing and jumping competition on top of the plaza stage.