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Forces and Particle Equilibrium (Chapter 2)                                                       
Component of a Force - Vectors Algebra
Equilibrium of a Particle (Free-body Diagrams)
Equilibrium of a System of Particles
Moment of a Force (Chapter 3)                               
Cross product – Moment of a Force – Moment about a line
Moment of a Couple
Distributed Force Systems
Analysis of General Equilibrium Problems (Chapter 4)                                    
Free-body Diagrams
Fundamental Applications of Equilibrium Equations
Interacting Bodies or Parts of a Structure
Structural Applications (Chapter 5)   
Systems Containing Multiforce Members - Beams
Friction (Chapter 6)                                                                                               
Centroids and Center of Gravity (Chapter 7)     

COE 2001 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: Practice and daily reviews of the material is the key for success.

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