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Atoms and Molecules, Moles and Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry, Gases, Atomic Structure, Bonding and Structure, Molecules and Materials, Energy and, Chemistry, Entropy, Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, and Electrochemistry.

CHEM 1310 course taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Lesson Learned: An A means that you truly are master of the material.

Course Materials

  • Anotated Lecture Slides [ RAR PDF Format]
  • CribSheet [ RAR PDF Format]
  • Lab Reports [ RAR PDF Format]
  • Lecture Slides [ RAR PDF Format]
  • Practice Exams and Solution [ RAR PDF Format]
  • Recitation Materials [ RAR PDF Format]
  • Resources (Lewis Structures and Ionic Solubility table) [ RAR PDF Format]