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Yoguely is a blog to inspire the next generation of STEAM leaders.

Our Youtube channel was launched in 2007 as a way to document stories, projects, and create short-films. The purpose of is to share experiences and provide resources to help others succeed in the 21st century. We combine multimedia such as photography and film in journalism to present science and engineering in an entertaining and compelling way.


Our Mission

We believe in fostering the creative mind to dream big. The way we foster creativity is by making our multimedia content compelling, educational, and inspiring. Our mission is to reach the hearts and minds of our audience and empower them through sight and sound. We share positive stories that encourages others to work hard and pursue their dreams. We can help you tell your story.



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Yoguely is run from a small creative studio. If you'd like to volunteer, please apply by sending your CV to the above email with the subject 'volunteer application.'

The Team

Aida Yoguely

Aida Yoguely
Executive Producer
Chief Filmmaker

Friends that have helped us along the way

Thomas Heiberg

Thomas Bjarke Heiberg-Iurgensen

Kris Hernandez

Kris Hernandez