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The 5th grade class of 2002 from the Antonio Gonzalez Suarez Bilingual School from Añasco, Puerto Rico participated in a television program called NASA Sci-Files The Case of the Galactic Vacation, aired on may 14 2002. In the show, the tree house detectives received an assigment to learn how to measure distances in space. To begin their investigation, Bianca Baker travels to Puerto Rico for an int

ernship at the world’s largest radio telescope, the Arecibo Observatory. Then she travels to Añasco were she visits her "cousin" Kimberly Echevaria, her friend Aida Yoguely Cortés-Peña (me), and the 5th grade class of the Antonio Gonzalez Suarez Bilingual School. The class received help from my science teacher Ms. Alice Acevedo to help demonstrate how to measure distance in space using parallax. Mentors from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) also assisted us in the experiment.

The NASA Sci-Ke group: Max, Tatiana Matias, Kiara Corea, Ashely, Kimberly Echevaria, Cynthia Roman, Aida Cortés, Bryan Plaza, Bryan Castillo, Rubén Irrizary Feliciano, David, Amir Saffar Perez, Jonathan and Brandon Estvés.

Link: Transcript NASA, Newspaper Article NASA, Fiestas Patronales de Añasco Revista 2004 PDF