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Creative Decisions and Design

By Aida Yoguely Cortés-Peña

I worked in a team and competed at the Georgia Tech ME 2110 Design Contest. The project theme for the semester was "Tech Startup." My team designed, prototyped and fielded autonomous machines that emulated a small technology startup venture and competed to launch products to market, generate revenue, and stimulate growth.

In this process I learned the fundamental procedures for solving engineering design problems; the essential details of analyzing, synthesizing, and implementing design solutions with flexibility, adaptability, and creativity; the techniques which allow an engineer to tackle new, unsolved, open-ended problems. I implemented fundamental design discpline and effectively executed the design process for design project assignment.

The following management and planning tools were used: Affinity Diagram, Tree Diagram, Prioritization Matrix, Job Responsibility Matrix, and a Gantt Chart. The following design approach tools were used:  Objectives tree, problem understanding form, function tree, specification sheet, and quality function deployment. The following conceptual design tools were used to aid in the selection of the final system: Function Decomposition, Morphological Chart, and a 3rd Level Evaluation Matrix. Finally, the results from prototyping and competitions were analyzed for the continual improvement of the mechanical system, as well as the design process itself. Below is an exploded view of the machine prototype.

The photo below shows my design team with our poster and design project.

Ballistic Panda
Ballistic Panda Machine

Poster PDF Format , Report PDF Format

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