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HeadLine CROEM's Rock Band

By Aida Yoguely Cortés-Peña

Here are some of HeadLine's most memorable events in backwards chronological order.

CROEM's Band HeadLine: Espacio Sideral Music Video, December 2008

HeadLine's New Music Video for the song Espacio Sideral
Edited by Aida Yoguely Cortés Peña
Filmed by CROEM TV: Wilmaris Huertas and the Professor Juan Pérez.
Clothes: Emily
Transportation and miscellaneous: Nitza

Guitarist: Justin Rodriguez
Electric Bass: Aida Yoguely
Percussion: Esteban Aquino
Singers: Jennifer Lee Nieves, Jennifer Cotto and Yesenia Acevedo

This is a cover song of Jesse and Joy's Espacio Sideral

CROEM: "Bass Guitar" Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover

Introduces the Bass Guitar player Aida Yoguely. Other highlights include 'Rumors of a AC/DC tour in 2010 at page 6', and a 'New signature Fender bass at page 9'.

Actress: Aida Yoguely Cortés Peña.

Photographed and Edited by: Steven Crespo

CROEM: "Rolling Stone" Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover

Volume 69 April/May 2009 from Puerto Rico introduces the CROEM High School guitar player Steven Crespo. Other highlights is Esteban Januel Aquino with his 'Wicked Drum Solo' and the Premiere of HeadLine's new music video.

Actors: Steven Crespo, Esteban Januel Aquino, Justin Rodriguez, and Yesenia Acevedo.

Photographed and Edited by: Aida Yoguely Cortés Peña

HeadLine performs at the Town Fair, Febuary 22, 2009

HeadLine at the Fair

HeadLine had the honor to perform at CROEM's 41th anniversary. On Sunday February 22, 2009, HeadLine played the following songs with the singers Jennifer Cotto and Jennifer Lee: “SkaterBoi” cover from Avril Lavigne and “Espacio Sideral” cover from Jesse and Joy. Special appearance by Bethmary who sang “Misery Business” and “Crush Crush Crush” both covers from Paramore.

Guitarist: Justin Rodriguez
Electric Bass: Aida Yoguely
Percussion: Esteban Aquino
Singers: Jennifer Lee, Jennifer Cotto, and Bethmary.

HeadLine plays "Dame tus Ojos", November 25th, 2008

At the most awaited CROEMite activity "La Cena Formal de Accion de Gracias" traduced as "Formal Thanks Giving Dinner" on November 25th, 2008, CROEM's Rock Band "HeadLine" plays the song "Dame tus Ojos". Special appearance by Hirám Ortíz playing the electro-acustic guitar.

HeadLine plays "Tu Carcel", October 9th, 2008

At the activity "Día de las Empleadas del Comedor" on October 9th 2008, CROEM's Rock Band "HeadLine" plays the song "Tu Carcel". Special thanks to Prof.Sepulveda (physics teacher) who helped us fix the electric bass moments before the activity. Special appearance by Steven Crespo playing the electric guitar.

Debut Triumph for HeadLine, September 4, 2008

"El Gran Debut"
At the activity "Welcoming to the Newbies" on the 4th of september 2008, CROEM's Official Rock Band "HeadLine" played the song "Espacio Sideral".

Magazine Cover

Words from the guitarist Band Member: “The day of the ‘Welcoming to the Newbies’ was filled with lots of emotion. We were all anxious to see the peoples reaction; we knew they would like the song. In just a week and a half we had prepared the song, cloths and everything, without forgetting that we were at school and our academic responsibilities could not be left behind. To me, nervousness was eating me up, but there was no problem. We had a plan, simple and effective, which I hoped would always be our guide. The plan was that no matter what happens, we wouldn’t stop, that is unless we haven’t tuned our instruments yet. Even though some minor dificulties were presented, the show went on, and the best of all, everyone liked it.”

Thank you HeadLine, for being with you. Gracias headline, por estar con ustedes,
with love and affection,
Justin Rodriguez

Before the great Debut, September 4, 2008

Justin Fixing the Bass

Fun Fact: before the great debut, Aida's electric bass volume knob damaged. We proceeded to fix it by taking off the white pick guard covering the bass. Justin found the problem and fixed it. Moments later he offered to also fix the input jack. When he twisted the metal plate he ended up braking it. His face was filled with shock and couldn't say a word. He could not believe what he had done to Aida's bass. When she looked at him, she knew that whatever it was, our trusty friend black tape could fix it, and everything went well.

Ideas and Dreams, Summer 2008


Before beginning the school year, I began the talent search. Later Justin had came up with a logo. Then during the first week of school the name of the band was chosen by vote. The Croemites Band is composed by: Justin Rodriguez with the electric guitar, Esteban Januel playing percussion, Yesenia, Jennifer Lee y Jennifer Cotto being the lead singer and Aida Yoguely at the electric bass. Our goal is to rock at school activities and pump up the parties playing mostly Latin and Punk rock.

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